AIPAD 2017

The Photography Show, organized by the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD), is one of the longest-running large-scale exhibitions dedicated to the photographic medium. The 2017 Show expanded to a larger location to include a series of new programming, from specially curated exhibitions of private collections to a dedicated section for book dealers and publishers. The Show features work from an array of artists ranging from early practitioners to emerging and established contemporary artists from more than 115 leading galleries. Wandering through the exhibitions and displays of this year’s Photography Show (March 30–April 2, 2017), one couldn’t help but notice the range and evolution of photographic practices. Here are five standout artists from the 2017 Photography Show:


Niloufar Banisadr creates self-portraits that examine the duality of her identity caught between cultures. ( Galerie 55Bellechasse)


Christiane Feser creates dimensionality within her photographs through the careful consideration of light and the manipulation of material. (Von Lintel Gallery)


Farrah Karapetian uses political ephemera to create cameraless abstractions that confront the medium itself. See interview for more on Karapetian’s work. (Von Lintel Gallery)


Paul Mpagi Sepuya creates a fragmented gaze from cut-up photographs and mirrors to examine his studio space as a site where the professional and personal meet. (Yancey Richardson Gallery)


Zanele Muholi’s portraits confront the stigma surrounding the gay and lesbian community in South Africa. (Yancey Richardson Gallery)

Review of AIPAD 2017 by Jaclyn Wright